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Mya-Rose Craig: 'Young people need to see someone like them who is into nature'

The 18-year-old birder and environmentalist on improving diversity in her field and how the pandemic has affected the natural world The young birder and environmental campaigner Mya-Rose Craig believes the coronavirus lockdown has had a positive impact on the environment. "Wildlife has been doing much better, as it is less disturbed by people, traffic and dogs. We are listening, noticing and looking much more," she says. "Hopefully, people will continue to do these things now lockdown is easing, which can only benefit nature and our health."Craig, who turned 18 in May, is thought to be the youngest person to have seen half of the world's birds. Yet for the past three months, she has had to content herself with birdwatching on her doorstep, in the Chew Valley, south of Bristol, where she lives with her parents. "We have been really lucky as it is really beautiful here with lots of places to walk from our doorstep," she says. Her mornings consist of school work done next to a window overlooking the birdfeeders or outside in the garden where she can watch the birds much closer. Afternoons are spent on birdwatching walks. Continue reading...
Zdroj: The Guardian

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